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Important information regarding pesticide free organic programs

The Province of Ontario announced on March 4, 2009, that effective April 22, 2009, most of the conventional pesticides used on lawns and gardens will be banned from use.

What does this mean for you and your lawn?
There are some alternatives available however it is more important than ever to keep your lawn healthy.  A healthy lawn does a much better job of fending off infestations from weeds, bugs and crabgrass.

As a result, we have restructured our program to reflect the changes in the new regulations.   We will be substituting certain treatments with more natural and organic products.

  1. WEEDS:  All conventional weed control products including products such as Roundup will not be allowed for use on lawns and gardens.  A biological weed control product (Sarritor) is expected to be ready for distribution to the professional industry this fall.  This product works quite well, so when it becomes available, we will notify you with all of the pertinent information.


What has always been the number one rule for keeping weeds out has been a thick, vigorous lawn.  In order to achieve that we will be using new natural products, focusing on increasing microbial activity in the soil by adding organic matter and applying nutrients as required.  Aeration and over seeding are very important and more necessary than ever in maintaining thick turf to help keep weeds out.  Fertility is vitally important and a three year study done at the University of Guelph shows that proper fertilization can keep most weeds at bay.

  1. INSECTS:  There are a number of insects that threaten lawns in our area.  Grubs have been an issue for several years and the traditional Merit treatment is no longer available.  In its place we can offer a treatment of Nematodes, which under correct conditions, will provide a decent level of control.  Timing is important and only in the late summer or early fall will treatments be effective.


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