Landscaping Services

Our most popular installation products are Permacon, but we can supply you with many different suppliers and natural stone options for your custom installation.

Services we provide include:
• Complete Landscape Design and Construction
• Shrub/tree planting and removal
• Commercial or Residential Annual/perennial planting
• Full Garden Renovation and Transplanting
• Top soil delivery/installation
• Mulch delivery/installation
• Sodding and full or partial Lawn Renovation
• Near Zero maintenance garden construction (Find out more below) *

* The Near Zero garden maintenance approach is a proven Lawnscape method based on the use of a UV resistant landscape polymer that is put down as a ground cover over the soil and under decorative ground cover such as bark mulch or decorative stone. It will generally pay for itself in under two seasons compared to regular garden maintenance visits and can save you more than three times the initial cost in the first year if used as a garden rough-in compared to the removal and disposal of sod!

Landscape fabrics just don’t work since they are porous and let light through. Weeds that grow through the landscape fabric can also root in the fabric which means that they will grow back when pulled out.

Landscape polymer acts as a weed deterrent by almost eliminating light through to the weed seed bed that exists in all gardens. An opening at the base of each planting allows for drainage of all water that falls on the garden area directly to the roots of the plantings! This allows for more efficient use of the water used on garden areas.

Have you ever picked up a plastic bag after a rain storm and found a collection of earthworms underneath? The polymer attracts these and other microbes which aerate the soil and break down organic material into a bioavailable state that can be taken up by the plants. In addition to all of these benefits the weed growth is limited to the small areas left open around the base of the plantings in the garden which generally leave weed growth at a disadvantage due to lack of light, nutrient competition with the predominant plantings and root competition with the predominant plantings. By using decorative ground cover such as bark nuggets, or riverbed stone which don’t break down quickly, there is little to no organic material on the surface to support weed growth above the polymer.

This is an extremely economical approach to garden construction when planning in advance. The proposed garden area can be outlined, edged, and topped up with soil WITHOUT THE LABOUR-INTENSIVE AND EXPENSIVE REMOVAL AND DISPOSAL OF THE SOD. Areas are then covered with the polymer and decorative stone or bark nuggets etc. The lack of light and attraction of microbes under the polymer will decompose the existing lawn areas within the garden outline leaving a nutrient-rich composted base for plantings (usually after at least half a season). This is a good approach for gardens ‘in progress’ because you can infill as the seasons progress without the maintenance of areas left open.